LeBron XV(15) low red
LeBron XV(15) low red

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Finally, with the low-profile Chinese fans’ long-awaited activities, the Nike Lebron 15 of James’s 15th signature boot has finally surfaced. Under the whispering package of thousands of fans shouting MVP, Zhan Huang finally appeared in people's sight. In the center of this crowd, it is the kind of Zhan Huang and the new boots Lebron 15.

As one of the most popular signature shoes, the Lebron series has become the most signature signature shoe in the current AJ series. Can come out to the fifteenth generation of boots, but also benefited from James's excellent physical fitness, I don't know if I can see the same LeBron and Zhan Huang on the same generation of boots!
After the emergence of a pair of signature shoes that “have no previous generation to look good”, people have considerable expectations for Lebron 15. Sure enough, this time, the Lebron 15 tailored for Zhan Huang reveals the true face of Huashan, it is really a bright spot, did not let people down, and raised its value to a new height!

The designer of this pair of high-profile boots, Jason Petire, created the designer of Lebron 7-11, and once again took the lead in research and development, it is bound to bring different surprises to the fans!

In designing this pair of shoes, James himself also participated in the design. Zhan Huang himself admits that performance is very important, but the style of life is equally important, can be worn on the court, and can be worn when switching to life outside the stadium. Even those who don't play basketball should be able to wear it. Therefore, in the appearance of the breakthrough of the traditional "basketball shoes" look, more close to the trend.

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