Retro Air Jordan 12 Crocodile pattern-7
Retro Air Jordan 12 Crocodile pattern-7

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The Air Jordan 12 has always been a masterpiece of both the combat and the current in the Air Jordan series. The color of many popular people is the color that shoe fans often buy. At the beginning of the year, the Air Jordan 12 “Taxi” made the old shoe fans return to the time tunnel.
The body of the shoe is made up of black and white, and the strong contrast is very visual impact.
The black Jumpman on the top of the tongue and the slogan in the middle of the tongue add an indescribable temperament to the shoes. The most eye-catching is the four gold metal buckles on the top of the lace hole.
It looks so special in black and white shoes, and it brings a very pleasant look.
The gully on the shoe body brings a very good layering to the shoes.
And the texture is outstanding, the style of the whole pair of shoes has risen a lot in a moment, there is a string of "Jumpman" slogans above the arch on the outer side, the details are still quite hard, black and white two different texture leather combinations will be the shoes Extraordinary exaggeration, the heel is also very full, first of all the bright red number "23" and the red Jumpman's brown leather chapter,
With the red box "Jumpman" in the middle, the whole heel looks quite straight, the sole has boldly used red, and the red Jumpman in the forefoot makes the yellow "23" next to the memory deeper. The black rubber with a fine pattern is very frictional and has a long service life. The carbon plate that guarantees the black and yellow interlaced at the arch is the soul of the shoes. The recognition is quite good.
Summary: Air Jordan 12 uses black and white as the main color of the color, and is constructed with different textured leather on the two-color separation upper, which is simple and without losing detail. And with the property explosion, it is quite worthwhile to start.
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